Unremembered (Unremembered Trilogy)

Unremembered (Unremembered Trilogy) - Jessica Brody Seeing as I can't write a proper review about it, because I just can't find the right words, I'll just write a short version.

I liked Unremembered, it was very well written, I liked the characters (mostly Cody, Zen and Sera) and the idea behind the story, the secret company that no one seems to know, even though it feels like they should be B I G, but I had hoped for a bit more explanation as to what happened to the plane (might have just been me, but I am very interested in those kind of things, I always watch those plane crash investigation programs on TV etc.) and how Sera just happened to end up right there. I started to wonder if she might have caused the plane crash at some point, when I found out about certain things.

Reading about Sera not remembering anything made me a bit sad for her at some points, but I also felt happy for Cody's parents (see I'm horrible, I can't even remember their names), because they could raise her a bit and teach her about all kinds of stuff (the scene with the grilled cheese sandwich made me so happy!)

And yes, I loved the romance between Zen and Sera, I won't say this often, but I loved reading about them, and Sera's memories of him. Yes, I ship it.

For some reason, I felt like I was missing something. I don't know what/why, but that is just how it felt to me.. Anyway, I will definitely check out the second book in the series, and not just because this book ENDS WITH A DAMN CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!

(Oh, this actually turned out a bit longer than I had expected, oh well)