Allegiant  - Veronica Roth Read this review, and many more on my blog October Tune!

So, here it is, Allegiant. The final book of the Divergent series. A series that I enjoyed a lot. I don’t remember who recommended the first book to me, but I want to thank them because they have given me one of my favourite book series. (And only Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are the only other series that have earned that title).

Allegiant is told from two point of views, Tris (of course) and Tobias/Four’s. Of course, we were all used to reading stuff from his POV thanks to ‘Free Four’ and ‘The Transfer’. And yes, I liked hearing the story being told from two POV’s, though I personally thought it wasn’t really necessary throughout at least two-thirds the book, because Tris and Tobias were together almost the entire time. I had hoped that they would go their separate ways, that one would stay behind in Chicago (so we would know what was going on the whole time) and the other would go outside of the fence, but they went outside together (which I also understand).

I also found it hard to distinguish Tris from Tobias, because the writing was just the same for both characters, and they almost had the same way of thinking. At some points, I asked myself why Tris would talk about Marcus like that, until I remembered that I was reading from Tobias’ point of view. That was a bit of a pity.

There were a lot of new characters in this book, and I actually found it hard to trust any of them except for the characters that were originally from Chicago then, like Amar and George. And I turned out to be right most of the time, so hey it might be good to be suspicious (like Tris is in this book) of certain people. But of course there were new characters that we could trust, and that also made me happy.

Of course, I was happy that some of the old characters came along with Tris and Tobias, and saddened by the deaths that happened, but nothing will sadden me more than that ending. OH MY GOD, THAT ENDING. I have heard a lot of people being angry at Veronica Roth for ending the book like that, but I actually like it. I thought it was very brave. On one side I had expected something like that to happen, on the other side I did not expect it at all.

That did not keep me from crying my eyes out throughout at least the last sixty or fifty pages. A (almost) perfect ending for a perfect series, and oh my gods. I can’t wait for the short Four stories that still have to be released. And though Allegiant has a couple of faults, I still gave it five well-earned stars!