Gone Girl

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I had heard that this book was being made into a movie a couple of months ago, and I got curious. I watched the trailer and I decided I wanted to try out the book. So when I saw it for only 6 euros on Bol's website, I decided to add it to my cart. I have to admit, I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.

I really like mystery books, where a murder has happened and it needs to be solved. Of course, there is always a story around it, about either one of the detectives (like with the cuckoo's calling) or about (one of) the suspect(s), which is what this book is about. We can also read entries from Amy's diary between Nick's chapters.

And that is one of the things I didn't like. I am not a big fan of flashbacks, though I think it was very necessary in this story, to fully understand what had happened, but still - I didn't like it. In fact, I was so annoyed by all the flashbacks in the first part of the story, that I considered putting the book down and watching the movie instead. The only thing I wanted to know was 'where is Amy'.

In the second part of the book, things got more exciting, and I found myself reading more easily and with more interest. There were no more diary entries, though still a couple of flashbacks, which was still a bit annoying, but the story got more thrilling in my opinion.

Like with any other mystery novel, I suspected a lot of people, but never the right ones, though some of them did their best to make themselves look very guilty. I can say, I wasn't very surprised when we finally found out what had happened, but as I read on, it started to sound extremely ridiculous and way too extreme. But I liked it.

The writing was very nice, and it made me want to read at least one other book by Gillian Flynn, but I have to admit I hope it will be easier to read than Gone Girl.

In the end, I barely got through the first half of Gone girl, but I ended up really liking the second part, which is why I gave it three stars (instead of the two stars I had been thinking about giving it). If you like mystery novels with a lot of flashbacks, I definitely recommend Gone Girl to you.

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