Wake  - Amanda Hocking I read the Trylle books by Amanda Hocking a while ago, and decided that I wanted to read more books written by her. I had seen Wake in my local bookshop for a while now, and decided to just buy it in July. A little investigating on Goodreads told me that this book was about mermaids, or sirens as they call themselves in the story. The first mermaid/siren book I would read; a bit nice since most of the books that I had wanted to read were about vampires, zombies, werewolves or angels.

This book is about Harper (eighteen) and Gemma (sixteen), two sisters who live in Capri with their father. Harper works at the library and reads a lot of books, Gemma loves to swim, and I mean she LOVES it. She takes every chance to be in the water.

Harper cares a lot for her younger sister, sometimes perhaps even too much. She acts like a mother because they don’t really have one themselves. And though that is okay, I sometimes thought Harper was taking it too far.

Then, there were the two love-interests; Daniel (for Harper) and Alex (for Gemma). Honestly, I didn’t feel anything when they got together (not that Harper and Daniel actually got together, because the first half of the book Harper was grossed out by him or something). I didn’t cry out with joy when Alex and Gemma first kissed; like the people of Tumblr would say: I don’t ship it.

And of course there are Penn, Lexi and Thea. The three pretty, mysterious tourists who seem all too interested with Gemma. I thought it was a bit of a shame that we already knew that they were the bad guys from the beginning, because I would have liked a bit more mystery actually. But anyway, they were bitches, absolute bitches. I wanted to smack each of them in the face, ugh.

There wasn’t much action in this book, which I thought was a bit of a shame, because I really liked all the action in the Trylle books, so I had hoped that her other books would have had as much awesome action (I am an action person). I do hope there will be more action and fighting going on in the rest of the series, which I will definitely read!

Amanda Hocking’s writing is good, simple and I really enjoyed reading it. If you’re sick of all those books about vampires, and other overrated supernatural creatures, I recommend you read Wake! And I just have to say, the cover is amazing, wow!