Doctor Who: Hunter's Moon

Doctor Who: Hunter's Moon - Paul Finch Read this review, and many more on my blog October Tune!

First of all, I was surprised that it was a paperback. All of my other Doctor Who books are hardcovers (with two exceptions, The Silent Stars Go By (a special edition), and Doctor Who and the Loch Ness monster (a classic who book)). But that didn’t keep me from reading the book, of course, in fact I actually enjoyed it a bit more, because I find paperbacks easier to read.

There was a prologue, only about two or three pages long, that reminded me a lot of the Hunger Games. This kid was hunted by people with weapons, and attacked by a weird creature. The more I read of this book, the more similarities I found with THG. I am not saying that the writer had stolen the idea from THG, but it just reminded me of it. Basically, Rory gets captured and shipped off to the moon (Gorgoror) to become prey (a tribute), and the Doctor joins the hunters (careers) to save Rory’s life (and that of the other humans of course). Amy is also captured, but she becomes a waitress/cleaner on the ship. Her hair is made more colourful, and she works with girls wearing a lot of colourful make-up (capitol people).

I did enjoy the story, and I am again not saying that I think it’s stolen from the Hunger Games. But this has got to be the least interesting Doctor Who book I have read until now. Although it was quite action packed (Rory and his ‘companions’ getting hunted by not only those Todoran hunters, but by weird creatures that want to kill them), the Doctor and Dora running from creatures as well), I just didn’t enjoy it that much. I was really happy with how the book ended, and I got a bit excited when Amy was allowed to fly the TARDIS (a bit of a spoiler perhaps, but okay).

If you want to read a nice Doctor Who story, I would rather recommend you read ‘Shroud of Sorrow’, or ‘Touched by an Angel’, but hey ‘Hunter’s Moon’ was a nice read as well!