The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian  - Rick Riordan The Last Olympian is the last book in the Percy Jackson series (but don’t worry, there’s another series out in this universe, called ‘Heroes of Olympus’!) and I think this was the most action-packed book of them all. Wow, seriously. I don’t really remember everything that has happened in the book, but I know there was A LOT of action.

The Characters: Well, all the old characters are there, but we meet a couple of new characters as well. Of course, like with any other book, people die. I had already expected one of the deaths, because I read about it on Tumblr a while ago. There was also a character who turned out to be Kronos’ spy in the camp, and that did not surprise me at all, because the second movie kinda spoiled that a bit (damn you movies who spoil the other books in the series). But hey, other than that, I liked all the characters (apart from the people in Kronos’ army of course, I wanted to punch them all in the face with Thor’s hammer (oh oops wrong mythology)).

The Action: Like I said, this book was action packed. I think at least half of the book was about a huge fight in a city, with only a handful of campers on one side, and a huge army of all kinds of creatures on the other side. I was actually scared to turn the page every time, because I had expected more and more of my favourite characters to die. But I thank the gods that Rick Riordan has not let all of my favourite characters die (yet). I loved all the action, because that means there’s little time left for any romance/love-triangle stuff.

The Romance: But yes, of course, there was some romance going on. Between my ‘OTP’ of course, and between two other characters, which made me feel a bit ‘ugh’. But yeah, with all the fighting going on there was hardly any time for kissing and hugging and loving each other. So yay for that!

The Plot: It’s the final book in the series, so of course an epic final battle. That’s usually the plot for every last book in a series, and though it might get a bit boring after a while, I do like it. Because I just love battles and especially with these kids who’ve learned to fight and defend themselves for a couple of years now. I loved the calm bits between the fights, in which Percy usually sleeps and dreams about stuff. I liked reading about his dreams and learning more about a certain character’s family.

The Writing: As always, Rick Riordan’s writing is simple, but very good. I just kept on turning page after page because it was so awesome. I love how he gave all the chapters funny names, like “I Drive My Dog Into a Tree”, “My Cookies Get Scorched” and “Blackjack Gets Jacked”. It made me smile every time I got to a new chapter!

In the end, I really enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, and the ending has made me very curious for Heroes of Olympus.