City of Glass

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Okay, so I tried my best, but in the end I couldn't do it anymore. I stopped reading where Part Two ended, and I am not planning on ever finishing this book. Or the rest of the series. I am honestly asking myself why the hell I got myself to read these three books, why I wasted so many precious reading hours to this series. I have considered not writing a review about this book (or at least not posting about it on my blog), but I am going to do it anyway, because I just want you all to know why I don't like this series. I will probably add spoilers, so beware.


The Action - Well, there was some action in this book, almost right at the beginning. I did like the action scenes, but there was one particular scene that I would have loved to read more about, but no, of course the one thing I like in this book is not being continued. Right when it gets to the action, Clare switches to a different character in the story and we don't read ANYTHING from that thrilling moment again until after it's happened. Why? Just, why?!

The Characters - Don't talk to me about these characters, oh my god. Clary, seriously. I think they should have called this series: "Things Clary Does That She Shouldn't Be Doing'. Wow, really almost every character in this book was like 'Clary, don't do the thing!' and then Clary was like: "Going to do the thing, because yolo'. No. Please. Also, she's staying at Amatis' house (Luke's sister), and she just completely does whatever she wants. She wears Amatis' clothes, she eats her food, she leaves when she wants even after being told to stay inside the house. And then she breaks a couple of Amatis' plates, just because she's angry with Jace? I hope you bought her some new plates Clary, god.

I am not going to talk about any of the other characters, because I could probably write a fifty-page essay about how much I don't like any of them, and I don't want to do that to y'all. I just like Luke and Simon, but that's because of the movie (and the actors). The only person I kinda liked was Sebastian, because he told the 'gang' that they were really annoying and stupid, and I might have cheered at that point.

Then there are the deaths. Three completely unnecessary deaths (well more than three actually, quite a lot, but still these were the 'important ones' or w/e). Madeline (who was going to take Clary to Ragnor Fell), Ragnor Fell (who was apparently the only one who could wake up Clary's mum (until there was a magical solution of some White book that Magnus wanted)) and Max (Alec and Isabelle's nine-year-old brother) (SERIOUSLY WHY?!)
You know, sometimes deaths happen for a reason, to teach us (the readers) or the characters a lesson, but these deaths were just weird and I didn't learn anything from them at all.

Also there was someone called Nashreen Chaudhury, and that's also a character in Doctor Who (or well her last name is spelled differently). (That episode aired after this book was released, so I'm not implying anything but it was just funny). Also, every time Sebastian was mentioned, I pictured Radagast's hedgehog, just a side note.

The Romance - Ugh don't get me started on this. Clary thinks she's not pretty, or 'not as pretty as Isabelle' which is actually really stupid (why compare yourself to another girl, why do girls do that?). But yet she has not one, not two but THREE love interests. And one of them is her brother (gross). Also the whole thing between Isabelle and Simon, why?


The Plot - It reminded me a lot of Deathly Hallows. Except for the fact that Valentine was looking for all three of the Mortal Instruments, and not just one (like Voldemort, who was only after the Elder Wand). There was Idris being protected by the ward or w/e (like Hogwarts being protected etc), then there was the part where demons were suddenly inside Idris, and a huge fight. Valentine calling back his troops and wanting to take over the clave or something like that. Then he gave them until midnight the next day to decide or else he would enter Idris again and kill every last man *gasp*, woman *gasp* and child *no*.

And then the next chapter is called 'In the Dark Forest', which is exactly the place Voldemort is hiding himself, and exactly the place Harry is going to get killed. Like Jace is doing, wowowowowowowoww.

I didn't really pay attention to the rest of the plot, because I actually thought it was a tiny bit boring (it was basically them wanting to wake up Clary's mum).

The Writing - I just don't know what to say about this. If there is one thing I don't like, it's characters talking in different languages (especially those that I don't speak), and it not being translated into English (at the bottom of the page or something, you know?!). And no, I don't feel like Google-translating every bloody sentence every time. there was literally one word I understood, and that was 'Vale', and that was because of Doctor Who (Vale Decem... *sobs*)

I was also really annoyed by the change in POV's the entire time. I would have accepted it better when it was a POV a chapter, but the POV just changes randomly after a tiny cliffhanger bit which weren't really all that shocking in my opinion. This is one of the main reasons I stopped reading.

So, in the end, I am just going to say 'vale' (see what I did there) to this book series, and I hope I never have to see you again!