Dangerous Girls

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I have always loved mystery books, so when I heard about Dangerous Girls, I knew I had to read it as soon as I could. When I finally started it a couple of days ago, I found myself being sucked into the story.

During the first part of the book, I was mainly confused - I didn't really get what was going on because it was all happing right through each other. One chapter, they'd be in court and then they were back in school with Elise still alive and then all of a sudden Anna was in jail. While reading the book, I started to get used to these chapters more and more, and I even started liking it - even though I am not fond of flashbacks. It worked for this book.

Like with every other mystery book I read, I suspected everyone; at first I was convinced it was Tate, but then a chapter would happen and I would lean more to Mel or even AK. I even remember writing down, in my notes, that I thought Elise could have staged everything at one point. But hey, that's what a mystery book is for, you start your own little investigation, put on that deerstalker and walk around with your magnifying glass looking for clue.

I liked the fact that the story happened on Aruba, because that island is part of the Netherlands and there was a lot of talk about Dutch stuff and yeah as a Dutchie it just makes me happy that my country is mentioned in a book or movie or TV show.

Reading about all those grown-ups (*cough KLAUS DEKKER *cough*) being complete dicks (pardon my words) to Anna, and especially that show of Clara Rose (two of my favourite Doctor Who companions, by the way!), that made me really angry because that is what happens in real life; when someone gets taken in for question, the world already has their opinion ready on this person and they will always remain guilty in the eyes of these people until they are proven to be not. And the way her friends (especially AK) just dropped her immediately after she got arrested, so much for friendship guys. DO NOT READ THIS SPOILER UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK!! In the end, they all turned out to be right, of course, but still I got so angry, because it would have been even more awful if Anna had been innocent.

The way this book was written just made it really easy to read, I think I read more than half of it in one day. There was the normal story of course, the flashbacks of Elisa and Anna's (whose names reminded me of Elsa and Anna from Frozen too much, I was kind of expecting them to start singing Let it Go together) friendship and some important scenes that were relevant to the trial. There were transcripts from the 911 call, Clara Rose's shows, police interrogations; I really loved the way those were written in this book.

I personally loved the ending, it made me gasp and put down the book for a while. It also made me unable to concentrate on the other book (Heir of Fire, I am so sorry I abandoned you baby) I am currently reading and I think I need to go to sleep as soon as I finish writing this review (I wrote it yesterday evening, right after I finished the book). And it also made me want to buy her other book, Dangerous Boys, which I think and hope will be just as thrilling as this one.

If you are looking for the Young Adult version of Gone Girl (imo: this book is WAY better and much more exciting than GG), Dangerous Girls is THE book for you! I do suggest you go for the edition of the cover I have, (ISBN: 9781471119149), because it's the prettiest cover that this book has (honestly, if the book hadn't had this cover, I would have been much more reluctant to pick it up). So everyone go and get your copy of Dangerous Girls, and read it!

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