Paper Dolls

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I was so spooked out by the first book in this series, mostly because of the clown and the whole doll thing, that I was a tiny bit reluctant to read the second book, because I was afraid it might be even more spooky. Honestly, I thought it was quite a bit less spooky than the first book. I was so happy when Cassie finally got out of the dollhouse, and she could get all of that behind her, but then I remembered it was only the beginning of the story, and that bad things could still happen.

I found myself skimming the first couple of chapters, because I just wanted to know what was going to happen at the end of the chapters, and I wanted to know how the story would continue. Eventually I calmed down, and got myself to properly read every sentence, so I would know what exactly had happened.

The POV changed between Cassie in the ‘now’ and Jessamine in the 1920′s, which I liked, because we found out more about the mysterious Jessamine. Jessamine, who was supposed to get married to this creepy 30+ guy, who I really wanted to punch in the face sometimes. Jessamine who worked at a circus, and whose grandfather made the underground dollhouse, for her to be safe. Well, what a big mistake that turned out to be!

After a couple of chapters, I found it really hard to trust people (especially after I found out certain people’s last names), and I just hardly trust any of the new characters we met, I just kept on thinking that they were going to betray Cassie or Jessamine, and most of the time I found out I was right. Though I had not expected the plot-twist at the end, which really made me so angry.

I liked this book, though I would still prefer the first book, and I can’t wait to read more in this series. I’ve got the third one ready, though I might wait with reading it for a while. And I’ve just read that there’s going to be a fourth book in the series, and that made me really happy!

Out of the characters, I liked Molly the most, because she was really determined to find out why the dollhouse was there, and why the girls were kept there (which we will find out somewhere in this book, though Molly and Cassie won’t). I liked Zach as well, because he really cared for Cassie. Until the end, then, because he turned out to be the biggest asshole in the world.
I really did not like the original Henry Fiveash, and his wife (I think), Audette; especially Audette was the most annoying person ever, and I just wanted to slap her in the face sometimes. Henry was just disgusting at some points (saying things like ‘Jessamine if you weren’t my cousin’ when walking into the bathroom where Jessamine was showering), and Mr. Baldcott (the guy that Jessamine was supposed to get married to) was the biggest creep I ever read about.

The last two or so chapters of the book made me really confused, and I think I might have to go and reread those chapters, because it all happened so fast, and I just really thought I landed in a Doctor Who episode (everything was wibbly-wobbly and cliffhangers and such).

Anyway, if you like a good horror story, you should read Dollhouse and Paper Dolls!